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To contact Gerry, please fill out the form with any specific requests or call at (928) 300-2206.

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Rimrock, AZ, 86335
United States


The website of Hopi artist Gerry Quotskuyva, Kachina carver, painter and sculptor.  


WELCOME!  Lomahongva's Fine Art LLC features the Katsina Carvings, Paintings and Sculptures of Hopi artist Gerry Quotskuyva, and miscellaneous treasures that may be posted from time to time.  To view pieces that are available to purchase, please visit the Shop Page.  Gerry is currently working on a major piece of cottonwood root and wishes to share the process with everyone.  To follow this creative endeavor, check out The Gnarly Root Project.  Be sure to sign up on the Contact page to receive an e-mail announcing the next posting.  To learn more about visiting Gerry at his public studio and perhaps arranging a personal tour of Montezuma Well and their Traditional Use Garden, go to the Studio Visit page.   We welcome you to explore this site and please be sure to contact us if you're planning a visit to our area..Thanks so much,                Gerry